Grand Gesture Of Love: the idea

May 24, 2007 at 4:05 am (Blogroll, grand gesture, holding onto no one, hope, I don't think I'll ever get over you., inspired by, Live Sing Dance and be free, Love, love addiction dependence, love letters, love relationships dating, Music, personal, Poetry, reconnecting, romance, Sad songs, Song lyrics, Uncategorized)

I recently broke up with someone, think about her daily and can’t quite get over her. Contacting her directly doesn’t work out, I get too emotional and can’t quite say “I LOVE YOU” in a way that is profound enough. I decided that I needed some grand gesture to show her that I really do truly love her. I decided I would “shout it to the world” as they say.

Idea: I’m going to buy a small helium tank, a bunch of balloons and either postcards or small envelopes. I will write a small love letter on each card and address it to her complete with postage stamp. On each card I will put a place for recipient to write in date and location where it was found. I will then attach them to ribbon and a helium balloon. I will let them all go at the same time. My hope is that wherever the balloons land someone will find them and put the pre-stamped card into the mailbox to be sent to her. If it doesn’t convince her to come back to me, she will at least have proof of my love.

I decided I should document the whole process, and post it here and anywhere possible to show the world what love is.

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