Appealing to the voice of reason.

June 7, 2007 at 3:20 pm (grand gesture, hope, inspired by, Love, love letters, love relationships dating, personal, reconnecting, romance)

When dealing with situations in your life you have to decide where to focus your energy. How much time you are willing to put into certain aspects to determine your happiness. If you are going through a particularly rough time in your life it is best not to focus your energy on things that lead away from happiness or towards a false sense of happiness.

When coming out of a bad relationship, you first should focus on healing. You shouldn’t misplace feelings/energy of hurt or anger over a past relationship, into a new relationship to soon. If you have not fully recovered and healed from the prior relationship how are you ready to move on to a new one? How honest are you being with the new person? Can you truly say that you love them, or are you just using them to cover the wound of your broken heart? If they really want to have a relationship with you, they should be willing to allow you time to recover and not offer some veiled “love” to sweep you away from your pain. A loving person wouldn’t lull you into believing that they can save you from that pain. They are just taking advantage of your weakened state. They are not using “their awesome might to save you from a hopeless plight” they’re using your weakness against you. You tell me you can’t emotionally rescue me, but you allow him to do that to you.

You should focus your energy on getting your life turned around. Getting a career that you like and becoming self supporting. Going back to school to follow your dreams. Getting your daughter back after you felt forced to give her up just so she wouldn’t have to face your woes. Not relying on someone else to get you through the rough times. Putting you back into a situation where you are dependent on someone else to offer the things you can’t achieve on your own. If you allow that to happen you will one day find yourself in a situation just like the one you just got out of. Once again with nowhere to turn. If you get deeper in this second time, how easy will it be to get back out? You should slow down and think about these things before you jump head first into something you cannot be sure of.

I truly just want what is best for you, even if I’m not it. I’m not trying to keep them apart, I am just stating the way I feel. I’m speaking from the heart, not from the hurt.


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