To each their own.

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Where do I start?

A few weeks ago my mother joined facebook to keep up with my nephew in Uganda. I know this only because I got a notice saying that she added me as a friend. I didn’t even remember signing up for the site. When I talked to my mother on her birthday she mentioned that my exes profile said that she was “in a relationship” with me. I just dismissed it, said it was old, and that neither of us really ever used the site. I didn’t think much of it. She also mentioned that other family was on the site. So I logged in and added a little blurb or two and one photo, just to make it active and keep up with family. When I was looking for family, naturally I went to my mothers page to see who she added. My mothers friend count was one more then the amount of people that were visible to me. Knowing that my mother wouldn’t be able to view the information she relayed to me, if she wasn’t a confirmed friend of my ex. I realized that my ex must have blocked me from seeing that she was on the site. Not really a big deal. I don’t care if she’s on there, and I wouldn’t have looked for her. I wouldn’t even have known she was there, had my mother not mentioned it. I’m sure my mother just added anyone that was on her email contact list, not really thinking about the fact that we are no longer together.

I just wonder what compels her to accept my mothers friendship (albeit virtual) when I am essentially dead to her. One of my first thoughts was that she was hiding the fact that she was on my mothers friend list. Thinking rationally, I realized that isn’t it. I suppose she just doesn’t want me to know she is there at all. But, why add my mom and pretend as though she is not the cold, callous person that she has portrayed to me. Seeing how she never really used the site before, she could have just ignored that fact that she received the same email I did: inviting her to be my mothers friend. That or she could have respectfully declined; saying that she was no longer a friend of mine and that it wouldn’t be right to befriend my mother. I’m certainly not going to confront her about it. Last thing I would ever do is try to tell my mother who she can be friends with. In the long run it doesn’t really matter, I just think that if she is going to be my mothers virtual friend she should at least own it and not hide the fact that she is even there. I wouldn’t be able to look at her profile if I wanted to, which I don’t.

What do you think, strangers on my blog??


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  1. Sarah Ochoa said,

    I appreciate your post. I know what is like to have non standard relationships and put others in an awkward position. I had . I am moving forward and I love posts like yours.

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