Finishing touches on the grand gesture.

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Well, I couldn’t sleep last night so I woke up early this morning and tossed and turned in bed until I decided I just had to get up. I had a small breakfast and walked about a mile or so to the post office. I arrived at 8 o’clock and found out they didn’t open until 8:30. I did see a guy with a big X bandage on the side of his head so I didn’t think waiting was a total waste.

When they finally opened, the postmaster told me they still didn’t have the new shipment of postcards. So I bought 50 – 26 cent stamps, and walked out like a kid leaving a candy store with a single tootsie roll. Walking back feeling a little dejected I came up with a back up plan. I stopped at the Art Store and got some watercolor paper and cut it down to 4×6 postcard size. I took them home and started writing the message on them for the person that finds the balloons when they land. It took me several hours just to do that. I had to go to a meeting so I had to stop production for a few hours. When I returned I finished writing out the messages and then painted hearts on the back of them. I also used a shoddy hole punch to make a place to tie the ribbon to them.

I have to work at 5 am tomorrow so after I get off I plan to check the forecast and wind direction. I’ll gather the cards and go to the grocery. I’ll buy 50 red balloons, then I will set them in flight. I’m not sure how I plan to videotape the launch while holding all them by myself. I’m not sure how long they will stay up and depending on wind speed how far they will travel. Since there is a possibility that no one will find them and actually send them to her I may be forced to drop the link here in an email to her. I feel that prolonging this gesture may ruin my chances of a positive reaction.

I am fully prepared for her to say that I have no chance at all. I will be a heartbroken all over again, but at least she’ll know that I do love her. I just hope that if she is going to allow someone else to win her affection that I should have an equal chance. Or at least a small fighting chance. After all that we have been through, and my pledge to change I hope that my feelings will not fall on deaf ears.

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